Search all cities on Craigslist with one click

Posted by on Sep 23, 2008 in Building Audience

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Need something on Craigslist and you don’t care which city it’s from? Up until now, such a search would be a painstaking manual job. Enter Search All Craig’s Lists, a new tool that does the dirty work for you, scouring all the cities and countries with local Craigslists and compiling them into one index.

Search for Craigslist uses Google custom search, which is fast but not as precise as using Craigslist’s own search tool. For example, you can narrow down your search by city but not by neighborhood as you could on Craigslist itself.

A multiple city search is handy when you’re looking for something somebody is willing to ship like a stamp or coin collection. It can also be useful in case you’re trying to track down stolen items.

Search All Craig’s Lists doesn’t do anything you can’t do on Google; it just makes it easier. The site is not-for-profit, has no ads and doesn’t collect any user data.

Another site that searches across Craigslist cities is CrazedList but it requires users to “disable referrers in your browser” to prevent Craigslist from knowing that you have come from this site and as a result may block your results. Search All Craig’s Lists doesn’t require such a cumbersome work around.

Written by Brian Blum

Brian Blum covers Canada and Israel for Classified Intelligence Report, and contributes to our special reports and research projects. With the AIM Group since 2004, he previously held the real estate and automotive beats. He is the president of Blum Interactive Media, specializing in writing and multimedia content development for online, print, video and audio. His clients include newspapers, universities and non-profits. He moved to Israel from the San Francisco Bay Area in 1994 and lives in Jerusalem, where he writes a popular blog about “normal” life in the Holy Land, appropriately titled “This Normal Life.”