YouTube allows some partners to charge for downloads

Posted by on Feb 25, 2009 in Building Sales, Strategy

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YouTube is now allowing a select number of its partners to charge users for downloads. Most videos in the current test are currently charging about $1 each. Payment is made via Google Checkout. The partner can also decide how the downloadable video will be licensed to the user – whether it will be restricted to a private non-commercial use video, or whether it can be used under Creative Commons.

Initial charging partners include HouseholdHacker, which is charging $0.99 for a clip called “How to mod a USB Flash Drive,” and Pogobat which has “How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube” for the same price.

YouTube is also testing free downloads of lectures and events from several universities, including Stanford, Duke and UC Berkeley.

YouTube’s manager of strategic partnerships Obadiah Greenberg said that it was “too early” to say whether YouTube’s downloadable library would expand to include TV shows and videos.

The video streaming company is soliciting applications from partners to collaborate on the pilot partnership, but it is restricted to U.S.-based partners only.

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Written by Jim Townsend