CCText coming soon to Scripps print classifieds

Posted by on Jun 17, 2010 in Automotive, Building Sales, Marketplace, Mobile, Real estate, Strategy

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Classified Concepts’ CCText product for mobile advertising will soon be live for print classifieds at all E.W. Scripps newspapers, enabling print upsells through increased lineage for the textable coding and upsell or packaged fees. Scripps sees CCText as a way to compete with free classifieds sites and aggregators such as Craigslist and Oodle.

Scripps’ Ventura County Star in Camarillo, Calif. has been using CCText for a year now, and its success was the catalyst behind the Scripps corporate commitment.

“We’re using CCText for all categories except legals and obits, but rentals seem to have the most response rate. It’s our largest revenue generating category,”  Ventura director of multimedia advertising Nate Rodriguez told us.  “It’s part of our self-service online ad entry platform, and sold as a package rather than an upsell.”

To see, how CCText works, try it on your smart phone:

  • Text Realtor1 to 52732 for an example of a text for an open house ad.
  • Text Auto1 to 52732 for an example of  an automotive ad.
  • Text Retail1 to 52732 for an example of a retail display ad.

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