RealYields, BiggerPockets team up for real estate investment help

Posted by on Feb 1, 2011 in Real estate

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About the time this month that founders were celebrating their investment site’s first birthday, they also announced a new collaboration with real estate social community With this team-up BiggerPockets members can take advantage of the investment analysis algorithms designed by RealYields founding principal Manish Patel, former Wall Street financial analyst.

A novice investor, with the help of these sites, can network on Bigger Pockets with more experienced investors. She or he can also use RealYields tools to decide if a particular property is a wise venture – whether its value will increase sufficiently, and whether a reasonable vacancy rate will maintain its profitability, for instance.

“Our tools are timely,” co-founder Ryan Hinricher told us. “If someone is looking to rent or buy and resell, or if a  homeowner  just wants to project what his home will be worth 10 years from now at, say, 3 percent, we can tell him that.”

Hinricher said that the prime motivation behind RealYields tools is to educate prospective buyers about things like vacancy rate, maintenance rates, and upkeep costs.

” A lot of buyers look at very simple surface things, but this helps them look at hidden costs such as one-month of vacancy or repairs,and so forth.  We really try to educate throughout the entire process.”

Joshua Dorkin, CEO, told us that while there were other firms out there offering analysis tools, is second to none.

We’ve taken a thorough look at all the product has to offer and how publishers and broadcasters might team up with RealYields as well, to enhance the products they offer to their real estate advertisers. We’ll be delving into that in detail in an upcoming CIR.

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