Google+ takes on Facebook

Posted by on Jun 28, 2011 in Building Audience, Social, Strategy

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Google is testing a rollout of its new social service, “Google+” – according to Mashable — which will add social elements to just about everything you do on Google.

It’s something Google should be doing, of course, but is there really room for another Facebook?  Hmm. Ask MySpace and Yahoo about that. However, if anyone can poke a hole in Facebook’s balloon, it’d be Google, we suppose.

The screenshots sort of remind us of Orkut, Google’s first social network.

The plus sign “+” is unfortunate branding, IMHO. I’ve been typing for 40 years and I still have to stop and look for the dang key, which never seems to be in the same place from keyboard to keyboard, and I have no idea where it is on my phone.

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Written by Jim Townsend