Chinese Golden Week spurs international real estate sales

Chinese Golden Week spurs international real estate sales
02 Nov 2012

Chinese Golden Week spurs international real estate sales

China’s national Golden Week holiday last month boosted international property searches on global real estate site by 66 percent. Chinese property buyers spent what Juwai reported as a “small fortune” on property in the US, UK, Australia, Cyprus, France and elsewhere.

Here’s the news release:


Chinese “Golden Week” Holiday Was Also Golden for Western Real Estate Sellers


(Shanghai, China) – During this year’s October Golden Week national holiday in China, newly released data shows that Chinese buyers flew to Australia, the US, the UK, Cyprus, France and other countries to spend a small fortune on international property.

In the lead up to the October 2012 Golden Week, according to data from, the No. 1 international real estate portal for Chinese buyers, Chinese hunting for international property on was up 66 per cent.

Once Golden Week started, they shifted their online overseas property research from desktop and laptop computers to mobile devices, which suggests they were traveling while researching property. Mobile access to in the first two weeks of October was up 99 per cent, compared to the entire month of September.

More than half, 60 per cent, of’s users report intending to buy international property within the next four to nine months, in a survey by the website.

 What Is “Golden Week?”

“Golden Week” is the term Chinese use for the pair of seven-day-long holidays they have each year. One Golden Week celebrates National Day and in 2012 ran from October 1 to 7. The other is for Chinese New Year and in 2013 runs from 9 to 15 February.


 Chinese Travel Overseas for Property Investment

A record more than 80 million Chinese, reports the official source China Travel Trends – Dragon Edition, will travel overseas this year.

For the October 2012 Golden Week, total Chinese international travel grew from last year by 30 to 40%, according to the China Outbound Tourism Development Annual Report.

Andrew Taylor, CEO Sales & Marketing, said: “Wealthy Chinese take advantage of the unusual length of the Golden Week holiday to go abroad and scout or purchase property.

“Often the property hunt is accompanied by a school hunt, as Chinese parents typically invest in property in the same cities where their children attend school.

“We saw a big run up in overseas property searches by Chinese buyers as Golden Week approached. That indicates they were preparing for their property hunting trips by learning more about listings on the market and targeting the properties they wanted to visit.

“Once Golden Week started, online property hunting shifted to mobile devices, which is consistent with the travel data which shows many high net worth Chinese went overseas during Golden Week to buy real estate.

“Property marketers should plan ahead to take advantage of the next Golden Week, which will be Chinese New Year in early 2013.”

 About Juwai

Juwai means “home overseas” in Chinese, and is the largest property portal catering to the needs of the world’s Chinese-language population, based on number of property listings, editorial stories and real estate guides. aims to empower Chinese consumers and help real estate agents grow their businesses by accessing the world’s fastest-growing buyers of international property. is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a presence in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zhuhai, People’s Republic of China.


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