Users now pay with Payback points on

Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Marketplace, Poland

Print Friendly, Poland’s largest e-commerce site, and the loyalty scheme Payback signed a special cooperation agreement, introducing a new way to calculate Payback points for purchases on, as well as the possibility to pay with Payback points for transactions on the site.

Until now users could collect Payback points by simply providing their Payback card details at the end of each transaction on So, the points ended up on their Payback accounts. Now, to collect Payback points from purchases on, you have to first visit before you buy on

Collected points can be exchanged for prepaid cards in denominations of 30, 50, 100, 200 Polish zloty (respectively: $9.90, $16.50, $33 and $66 U.S.), which are available in the section “Receive Awards” on You can pay with the card on for purchases with the same value as the card, or, when purchases are worth more than the card’s value, you can recharge your card by transferring an appropriate amount of money to the given bank account.

The new rules for collecting Payback points for purchases on is supported by a special promotion, which runs until end-February. With the promotion, everyone gets three times as many points for all they buy on

The new rules were developed by together with Loyalty Partner Poland (the Payback operator in Poland). is part of the Allegro Group, which belongs to MIH Internet Europe. In turn, MIH is a subsidiary of South Africa-based media group Naspers. Allegro Group is the most popular e-commerce service in Poland. Its 13.5 million real users generate four billion page views each month. These results give the Allegro Group a 63.9 percent share of the Polish e-commerce market (source: PBI/Gemius, 11/2013).

Written by Andrzej Sowula