What people are saying

“I had the pleasure of attending your seminar on classified ads at Camp Niche. We are currently looking to ramp up our classified online efforts. … Thank you for the insight on this during the seminar. We feel it is something that can drive some more business for us.” (October 2014)
Jeff Pinwar PrintComm/Marketing Impact, Inc.

“AIM Group is the most comprehensive resource that I have found regarding on and offline marketplace information. I look forward to the weekly summaries of what is going on in the industry and I was able to gather a lot of helpful information about this industry from the annual report. I look forward to working with AIM Group in the future as theAdXchange.com sets out to set the industry on fire.” (April 2014)
Donald Frantum, TheAdXchange.com

“The conference call we held was very helpful — a lot of useful ideas and information. We used it to help develop our strategy, and we really appreciated your input.”

“Also, we really appreciate the information you’re sending us in Classified Intelligence Report. We find a lot of material that we can use and act on, and the people who are receiving it are reading it regularly.” (March 2014)

Michael Fibison, Digital First Media

We receive the AIM Groups exceptional Classified Intelligence Report since years now and we truly treat it as “the bible of the classified-advertising industry.” As we are heavily engaged in the classified advertising industry across different countries in Europe it is a must have information source for management decisions, product, and business development.  The Advisory Service helps us to validate our decision with valuable international business insights.”
Gerhard Koehle, CEO IM Tech Russ Media Group
I really enjoyed today’s consulting call! The AIM group replied quickly to my request and organized an interesting 1h consulting call that satisfied my needs. Thanks to this call I now have a lot of examples and suggestions that make me better understand the mobile potentiality in the recruiting field. Thanks again!” (October 2013)
Annamaria Russo, Senior Product Manager RCS Media Group
I am impressed. And many thanks for the rapid reply! The AIM-team and particularly yourself are very accessible. That is great!” (October 2013)
Niklas Jonason, CEO Citigate AB
As a company working closely together with many classified sites around the world, AIM Group reports and activities are key for us when it comes to knowledge sharing and business intelligence. We have worked together with AIM group for many years and will continue to do so thanks to the value you are bringing us.” (November 2013)
Martin Dahlgren, CEO Besedo
Thank you very much for participating in the speaking programme at the 25th Anniversary ICMA ‘Classifieds: Opportunities and Threats’ conference in Dublin this past week. I have had a look through the delegate feedback forms and your session was very well received. Congratulations!”
Shay Klomp Bueters,Operations Manager International Classified Media Association
Your client Webinar on call center optimization was very thorough and thought-provoking. I’m currently increasing my daily one-on-one work with each rep and your message was timely. Thank you.”
Martha Sturgeon CanWest
Thank you for going the extra mile today, guys. It is really appreciated. The presentation went well.”
Mike Rutigliano, Classified Advertising Director Fairchild Classified
Horvitz Newspapers retained the Aim Group to help us develop strategies and tactics to grow our online classifieds and verticals. We received excellent actionable advice that has led us to implement several new strategies to capture additional classified revenue and position our Web sites as the online advertising marketplace in our communities. The Aim Group’s knowledge of classified trends and best practices provided access to the most up-to-date information. They also helped us determine which products and vendors would best serve our needs. We were very pleased with the AIM Group’s consulting services and highly recommend them.”
Peter A. Horvitz, President Horvitz Newspapers, Inc.
Your session was one of the highlights of the entire convention, if not THE highlight. There was so much positive feedback that I was slightly overwhelmed by it all. Our only regret was that the room was not larger to accommodate the overflow. Your thoroughly pragmatic approach to the business of making money online was a refreshing change from the usual rhetoric that one hears from people who really don’t know.”
Bryan Cantley, Executive Director Canadian Newspaper Association
Thank you for your performance at our convention. I got very good responses from my people about your performance. We also send out evaluations and your performance ranked very high across the whole convention. It was, from our point of view and from our folks, a very good session. They were all very pleased to have the opportunity to hear you.”
Jim Donahue, Executive Director MDDC Press Association
Thanks for your help the past two weeks with our PNWAutos launch. Your one-day training sessions for our sales reps covered the basics, and then went into the details of our PNWAutos program. They enjoyed the program, understood the material, and got a great jump-start on selling the site. Once we launch it, we expect excellent results. Our preliminary strategic executive workshop was excellent. We got strong support from our executive team, and this workshop really helped us get an understanding of what we need to be doing for our interactive-media future. And finally, your auto dealer breakfasts were very, very helpful as we prepare to launch PNWAutos. Our dealers learned a lot, and you were very entertaining and engaging as you presented the multimedia auto advertising marketplace.”
John Greenland Director of Business Development for Dynamic Media, Sound Publishing Inc.
I just thought I would do a follow up and say that it was a great training you gave us on Saturday in Canmore. The trick is now to implement the training so that’s what our next goal is this week is to get some of those ideas happening. As I told you we are planning a seminar for our advertisers this coming fall and if we can get this web thing going right away, you might be someone we could bring in for this, I’ll work on it.”
Randy Komar ECS Group
I am in London, UK at the Digital Publishing Conference organized by WAN. Len Asper fell in love with your style and knowledge; he cited you several times after you were gone!!!”
Arturo Duran CanWest
Me and my team have great usages of the reports. Just now the “The AgentMatch at Realtor.com faces hurdles” article is really interesting after learning more about the service at PPW.” (December 2013)
Stian Bjørkelo, Product manager FINN Real Estate
I’m receiving you reports and finding they are very interesting. I’m especially interested in case studies which are relevant to Russian markets, so to adopt best practices for the Russian market.” (December 2013)
Alexey Kosachev, Head of property vertical IRR.RU
I’ve been receiving the AIM newsletters, so thank you for that. I’ve found them to be a great way to stay on top of what’s going in other markets, as we are so focused on our own we sometimes lose track of what’s out there.” (December 2013)
Cristóbal Perdomo, VP Real Estate Latin America Navent
I have been a client of the AIM Group for over three years. Not only do I use the Intelligence Reports as an important part of my strategic and tactical decision-making, but I also often “pick up the phone” or, turn to the AIM Group staff at industry events, to discuss issues, news and trends with them in person.  I find the team intelligent and informed on an international level – this is very valuable to me.” (December 2013)
Luticia (Tish) Hill, CEO Semadic Interactive Inc.
You did a fabulous job this morning Peter. Alain was MORE than impressed! This will lead to a lot more work with us.”
Caroline Andrews Transcontinental, Canada
I started this job a year ago and interestingly enough used your last CI report to help guide our efforts in Madison. It actually sits here on my desk as a reference tool. We are in the midst of launching our new On-line Job Board, so the timing works well. Your new email CI report brings those things to light.”
Mike Park Recruitment Advertising Sales Manager, Madison Newspapers, Inc. & Central Wisconsin Newspapers
You’ve over-delivered on both assignments. Thank you. Lots for us to digest here, and we are already at work with some of these prospects.”
Terry Baker CareerCast
Thank you very much indeed for organising a very worthwhile trip to the U.S. I was really impressed by the people I met and by your in-depth knowledge of not only the the Internet but also the type of problems our customers are facing. I also gained an excellent insight on partnerships. I hope that you will continue to be a key player in DMGT’s strategic development in this area.”
Lord Rothermere Chairman & CEO, Daily Mail and General Trust PLC
I really enjoyed the seminars and brought a ton of great information home. We acted on 12 of the action items that I brought home and we are thrilled. Your portion of the seminar was extremely helpful and well put together.”
Lauren Katz Sales and Marketing Director, The Livingston Parish News
I don’t know anyone in our industry who considers a subscription to CIR optional.” She’s aware that CI is more than a newsletter. “They do something for us each year and it’s always helpful.”
Liddy Manson Washington Post & Newsweek Interactive
When I meet with my publisher I use all of CI to back up my initiatives. I can’t imagine I’d ever cancel it.”
Andrea Rosato Taylor Vancouver Sun & Province
I like everything about CIR – all categories, all countries. They’re all pertinent issues; everything is local somewhere, in or out of our country. CIR is a key resource that does a great job of keeping us up-to-date.”
Mike Heene President & CEO of AdPay, Inc.
CIR keeps me up-to-date like having a crystal ball. Reading about other (non-auto) industries gives me ideas and mentions the players we should consider talking to.”
Laura Pearce GM at Driving.ca, CanWest
We love the information we get from CI.”
Steve Neubeiser Co-CEO of Digital Media Classifieds
Classified Intelligence is a real asset to us. We’re always impressed by the timeliness and the current information along with e-mail. When Rent.com was bought by EBay, we heard it first from Peter.”
Tim Fagan Classified Ventures
“We have been following your reports regularly and they are a great way to stay updated on the latest happenings..” (June 2014)
Abhishek Patodia, Quikr