Consulting services

We’re consultants who publish, not publishers who happen to consult!

We are the world’s leading consultancy for classified advertising and interactive media. We work with dot-coms, newspapers, print classified publishers, yellow page publishers, broadcasters and technology vendors worldwide to help develop, launch and grow revenue-generating services.

We are first and foremost “consultants who publish,” not “publishers who do a little consulting on the side.” Most of our consulting work is performed on a proprietary basis, so our clients often see only a small fraction of our work-product.

We offer solutions for companies planning their strategies, increasing revenue, market share, and in developing products and packing strategies to grow their business. We help build interactive products and services; we don’t just talk about them based on flimsy research. We support investors and analysts trying to determine the health of a company, or to find companies ripe for investment or acquisition.

Our team includes:

  • Long-time senior executives, so we work with senior executives to help them understand where their interactive-media and classified services need to evolve.
  • People who have been sales reps and sales managers, so we can help sales teams grow and develop traditional and interactive media services, and
  • Writers and analysts who get to the heart of the matter, and who understand the business inside and out.

We work with clients globally. Our global team of more than 30 people follows the evolution in interactive media and classified advertising more closely than anyone else.

Every project we provide is developed in conjunction with our client, for that specific engagement. Let us know how we can help you meet your objectives.

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