2012 Global Classifieds Annual

2012 Global Classifieds Spotlight2012 GLOBAL CLASSIFIEDS ANNUAL

Four major players battle it out;

Craigslist revenue, profits resume growth in 2012

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With multimillion dollar profits at stake, four major international companies are battling for supremacy in classified advertising worldwide, the AIM Group reveals in a new 171-page, special edition of Classified Intelligence Report.

Craigslist, the smallest of the “Big Four” companies profiled in the report, will generate 2012 revenue of $126 million and profits of up to $103 million, the AIM Group estimated. It’s a 9.7 percent increase over the company’s revenue in 2011.

The remaining Big Four companies, EBay, Naspers and Schibsted, are competing head-to-head in a number of markets and are growing organically, by acquisition and through aggressive marketing.  But in several countries, including Belgium, Spain and Switzerland, independently owned sites have managed to take the lead in spite of the efforts of the Big Four.

The annual report from the AIM Group, “Global Classifieds 2012,” is the largest issue of Classified Intelligence Report since the consulting group began publishing CIR almost 14 years ago. It profiles more than 150 emerging or expanding classified sites worldwide, with detailed analyses of 33 countries. It includes 28 charts, including a six-page overview of the brands and countries covered by the Big Four sites and a two-page city-by-city analysis of cars, homes and job listings on Craigslist.

The report provides targeted, global classified advertising insight including:

— How and why the Big Four are battling for supremacy in various markets;

— Revenue estimates for Craigslist, which are on the way up again after a one-year decline;

— Details about several new contenders in the international classified sector;

— A battle brewing in Canada between EBay’s Kijiji and independent LesPAC, two major classified sites;

— A quiet expansion by Backpage, the U.S.-based general classified site, into 12 new international markets;

— The curious effect of TV advertising campaigns on growing classified sites;

— Explosive growth in use of mobile devices to access classified sites, up to 40 percent of total use is some markets,

— and much more.

The global classifieds annual is included in the Classified Intelligence Report continuous advisory service for AIM Group clients, but is available for purchase for €995 / $1,295 (U.S.). *All purchases are made in USD $ at this time.

“This is impressive – I REALLY feel I am getting my money’s worth here with my subscription!”
~ Tish Hill, CEO, Semadic.com (AIM Group client)

The report is also available as a combo offering featuring both the 2012 and 2011 reports. Click here if you are interested.

This CIR reviews top global classifieds companies in the following countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Canada
  6. China
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Czech Slavokia
  9. Denmark
  10. Finland
  11. France
  12.  Germany
  13. Greece
  14. Hungary
  15. India
  16. Ireland
  17. Israel
  18. Italy
  19. Netherlands
  20. New Zealand
  21. Norway
  22. Poland
  23. Portugal
  24. Romania
  25. Russia
  26. South Africa
  27. Spain
  28. Sweden
  29. Switzerland
  30. Turkey
  31. United Arab Emirates  (UAE)
  32. United Kingdom (U.K.)
  33. United States.

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