Recruitment Advertising 2009

Recruitment Advertising 2009

Price: $495.00


Work smart. That’s the message that comes through in every element of the 2009 AIM Group / Classified Intelligence annual report about recruitment advertising.

From our survey of recruiters, to our country-by-country look at recruitment advertising, to our parallel “what you should know” synopses for recruiters, advertising agencies and advertising publishers (dot-com, print and broadcast), the message is clear: “Do more with less.”

As the economic crisis has collapsed job markets and slashed budgets, past methods of the past simply don’t bring the return on investments companies need.

This 94-page report looks at how recruiters are spending their limited ad budgets, what’s working for them — and what doesn’t. We also look at the recruitment-ad landscape in more than 20 countries, and include a list of 30 major technology vendors serving the recruitment-ad industry.

Whether you’re a recruiter, agency or recruitment-ad publisher, we have the advice you need to position yourself in 2009 and beyond.

And a money-back guarantee.

All for $495.