Whatever you may think of President George W. Bush, the unpopular prexy is scheduled to be out of a job come January. One job site, QuietHire.com, based in Naples, Fla., is taking advantage of his situation by poking a little fun at the poor prez while it attempts to boost its own image.
    QuietHire, which promises recruiters it can reach elusive passive candidates by guaranteeing job-seekers anonymity, has produced a series of ads in which a professional Bush impersonator playing W. posts his résumé with QuietHire anonymously – in the hope, perhaps, that would-be employers won’t key in on the president’s recent unpopularity in the polls.
    “Who would want to hire him?” QuietHire’s president and founder, Dan Ressler, said of Bush as QuietHire launched its new marketing blitz highlighting anonymity for job-seekers (but seeking a little name recognition for itself).