Jobfox, the career site based in McLean, Va., has joined the rush to link social networking and job boards by adding a new networking feature to its site called Jobfox Intros. The new application gives job-seekers “a whole new way to get interviews and directly network with employers,” according to the company, and serves as a matching service aimed at cutting down candidate clutter and selecting candidates and employers better suited for one another via “highly interactive online tools and expert staff support to quickly connect qualified candidates and matching employers.”

Members of Jobfox’s “Intros Team” personally monitor all “five-star” matches picked by computer programs, according to the company, and help connect the right candidates with the right employers. Among other things, the service, paid for by employers but free for job-seekers, lets job-seekers find the most compatible jobs, request employer introductions, figure out how best to interview at a particular company, and block current employers from finding out that they’re looking for another job. For employers, top computer-culled prospects are added to a “MyJobfox Connections” network of candidates to help fill immediate openings and establish long-term relationships with good candidates for future hiring needs. “With Jobfox Intros, high-match job-seekers are immediately moved to the top of the résumé stack,” said Rob McGovern, Jobfox’s CEO (and founder and former CEO of the Big Three employment site CareerBuilder). “Rather than submitting résumés into a black hole, qualified candidates are personally introduced by Jobfox so they can skip directly to the interviewing step. Candidates want connections with highly matched employers, not just long lists of undifferentiated jobs.”

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