TMP Worldwide, a New York-based company that specializes in recruitment and communications, has partnered with Velti, a mobile platform and services company in London, to integrate the mobile channel into its marketing mix. Many college students want to receive recruitment-related information on their mobile phones, according to TMP’s research. So TMP plans to use Velti’s integrated SMS response platform to set up SMS response facilities for its clients, giving them instant feedback and interactivity.

The new platform also will allow TMP to track campaign effectiveness in real time and provide daily and weekly client reports. Besides giving recruiters the ability to send and receive texts and mobile content, the system also will let them target students in specific locations. Candidates can be sent information about specific vacancies via Bluetooth while they drive past billboards, attend recruitment events, or hang out at the university cafeteria, for instance. “Research shows that mobile Internet usage will continue to grow and that the biggest users of the mobile Internet are of working age,” said Marco Bertozzi, TMP’s director of media & digital. “It therefore makes sense to partner with a mobile expert to make sure that we help companies reach candidates in the most interesting, relevant, discreet and cost-effective way possible.”

Velti’s CEO, Alex Moukas, noted that “as more and more people use their mobile device as the first source for information, this presents a great opportunity for the recruitment industry to reach job candidates.”