EBay has made posting a vehicle free in EBay Motors.  Private sellers will pay nothing to post, and  $120 if their vehicle sells.

Sellers can post up to four vehicles per year free under the new rates. Presumably, four is the number EBay considers the difference between private sellers and dealers. After four vehicles, the rate is $20 to post and $100 if the vehicle sells. In effect, once a vehicle sells,  the fee paid by  a private seller and a commercial seller will be the same.

As before, sellers can purchase a range of enhancements, including inventory management tools for dealers.

An alert about the new Motors structure was posted on members’ message area Oct. 3, with details on the EBay Motors fees page.

Fees pages on other EBay categories show that they continue to have both  listing fees and “final value” fees that reflect a variable percentage of the selling price.



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