Shaker Recruitment Group has pulled together another network of newspapers under a regional employment brand, this time The  affiliates   include The Atlanta Voice, The Citizen, The Clayton-News Daily, CrossRoadsNews, Gwinnett Daily Post, Henry Daily Herald, Newton Citizen and Rockdale Citizen.

Atlanta is the 10th market in the U.S. where SRC has launched similar networks, such as  . The model  involves SRC acquiring the domain name, developing the site using a common technology across the networks, maintaining and marketing the site, and building an alliance among media companies in a region. In some cases, affiliates  share  ownership of the network.   The affiliates are mostly newspapers, but also include TV and radio stations.

Joe Shaker, Jr., Vice President of SRC, told us they have about five more sites that will launch by the end of the first quarter. He said the battle among the big boards is a non-issue for the SRC networks. “It’s a totally different landscape. Our model is to create local boards. In many cases it may make sense for an employer to post on our boards and on Monster, for example.” None of the affiliates is partnered with a national board, he noted, though the SRC affiliate deals are not exclusive.

Feedback we’ve picked up from the Shaker network affiliates over the years has been generally positive. Most affiliates are smaller newspapers, for whom a national affiliation like Monster or HotJobs would carry little interest for their core employment advertisers. Offering a regional network gives the newspapers a new story to tell, and support for either holding or increasing rates.