A new site intends to put the tools of social networking,  search-engine optimization and  user-generated content  into the hands of HR professionals.

TalentManagementTech.com offers people in human resources, recruiting, and talent management technologies and services the ability to write a blog, post their profile, post press releases, and postiion themselves in an industry directory. The site’s developer, Caroo Media, online publishing arm in the U.S. for U.K.-based Tarsus Group, claims the site is set up to maximize search-engine visibility for all  participants. The basics of the site are free, with enhancements available for a fee.

“TMT is an online destination that adds a new level of efficiency previously unavailable to the social media experience,” said Brent Skinner, editor and chief of TMT. “The site harnesses the functionality and usefulness of many disparate Web 2.0 tools, consolidating them in a single environment, TMT, for anyone in the HR and recruiting industry to use.”
TMT is affiliated with Onrec.com <http://www.onrec.com> , Online Recruitment Magazine and other global Tarsus media properties around the globe.

Any talent management professional who wishes to create a personal profile at TMT may do so by visiting the registration page <http://www.talentmanagementtech.com/community/register.aspx> .