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Important data from TubeMogul, an online video analytics and distribution company. According to a study conducted by the company, over 10 percent of viewers leave a video a mere 10 seconds after starting it, and 53 percent are gone after a minute. The finding is key because most video hosts like YouTube track number of views rather than how much is being watched.

TubeMogul measured viewed seconds for a sample of 188,055 videos, totaling 22,724,606 streams, on six top video sites. The study only looked at short form content, not full TV episodes streamed on sites like Hulu.

If TubeMogul’s findings are correct, advertisers buying post roll ads (those that appears at the end of the clip) are wasting their money. Only 16 percent of viewers ever get to the end of a three minute video, TubeMogul says.

Another takeaway: Those annoying Google overlay ads that are now increasingly appearing on YouTube are starting too late. Most appear after the 10 second cut off, which means they’re leaving 10 percent of the audience behind.