, a new recruitment site in the U.K. that focuses on allowing job seekers to post their own personal videos, went live at the beginning of the month.

The site is still light on applicants and listed jobs, and the site design is pretty weak (a shame for a brand new site), but the idea is still a good one.

A demo on the site shows how video can bring a candidate’s style and interpersonal skills to life.

Resumes can be attached to the jobseeker’s video page. Companies can also post video profiles.

JobPlant is encouraging applicants to submit “quality” videos rather than quickie jobs shot on a Web cam or mobile phone. The site has its own recommended partner for producing professional video profiles.

JobPlant is certainly not the only recruitment site that allows jobseekers to post video. Others include, HireVue and

One of the more interesting video resume services that we’ve seen in the last year is which puts applicants into an interactive video question and answer session. The questions are set in advance by the company and the video is pre-recorded, so it’s not a live encounter, but it’s still kind of fun.