Trusty’s is a new local search engine/review database for service workers that turns the Angie’s List model on its head. On Angie’s List, a business is entered into the site’s database only when a consumer submits a review. Trusty’s lets the company start the process by creating a profile with the business’s contact information and credentials. Consumers are then able to leave ratings and comments (which the businesses are not allowed to edit).

The database is broken into general categories as well as specialties. Service providers can be ranked and sorted by “quality,” “value,” and “service.”

We’re not sure the reverse Angie’s List model works. Consumers are the most highly motivated to submit vendors – both those they love and those they hate. Trusty’s suggests that such consumers send an e-mail to the company to recommend that a business join. A bit convoluted if you ask us.

And then there’s one more thing: Trusty’s is an itty-bitty startup that outsourced development to Chennai, India. Angie’s List has a war chest of $60 million in VC funding raised in just the last year alone.

Trusty’s also suffers from a lack of entries so far. With only 2,000 businesses listed, our search for plumbers in San Francisco returned one in Las Vegas. That’s a long schlep to fix a toilet.