Call it “Hot or Not” for the recruitment market. Eggsprout is a new startup that allows job candidates to upload their resumes which are then rated for “hotness.”

Eggsprout compares resumes to others in the same field and determines hotness by how many recruiters have viewed the resume along with data such as past employment, education and skills. Contact information is scrubbed out so only the candidate gets to see his or her hotness rating.

Eggsprout reverses the model pioneered by TalentSpring. which allowed job seekers to rate each other’s resumes. The company eventually dropped the ratings because job seekers weren’t all that interested. Actually, “the ranking scores were a turn-off to the majority of employees, except for a small group of aggressive career focused employees,” TalentSpring CEO Bryan Starbuck said in an article on TechFlash.

Eggsprout thinks it’s come up with a more winning formula by basing it on recruiter interest.

Eggsprout will also recommend jobs to a seeker based on their search patterns and preferences.

Posting and viewing resumes is currently free. The site plans to make money by charging a small fee to reveal candidate information to recruiters. The site is still quite new: job listings appear only for the Seattle area.

As for the name: think of an egg (potential) and a sprout (symbolizing growth).