Only a few days after we told you about Trusty’s, a kind of reverse Angie’s List that allows businesses rather than individuals to submit their companies for review, Trusty’s has been sued by none other than Angie’s List. No, not for ripping off the idea. Angie says that Trusty’s founder Christopher Cody illegally obtained thousands of files from Angie’s List in an effort to jumpstart Trusty’s.

According to the Web site
, Cody allegedly joined the Indianopolis-based Angie’s List and then used an automated software program to harvest nearly 10,000 reports, ratings and other information.
Angie’s List says Cody’s use of the bot constitutes “industrial espionage.” Angie’s List spokesperson Cheryl Reed added that Cody “came in to use technology to basically cut and paste reports.”

Angie’s List did not put a dollar value on the damage caused, but such incidents typically cost companies up to $350,000 each in damage, according to the Computer Security Institute.

Trusty’s attorney not surprisingly disputes the allegations and promises to “defend against them vigorously”.

A hearing in the case is scheduled for next month.