CareerBuilder is continuing its international expansion with another lash-up, this time with Israeli recruitment site Portal Drushim, or Yesterday, we told you about its alliance with, a South African site.

            CareerBuilder said each affiliate would post cross-links to the other, offer access to each others’ resume databases, and streamline the job-posting process among the sites.

            Drushim in Hebrew roughly translates into “required” or “needed” in English. The site is entirely in Hebrew with no English section or counterpart, so it’s tough to understand how cross-posting between it and CareerBuilder will work effectively. However, advertisers in Israel who might want to post to CareerBuilder, for example, may find an English-language interface on a posting page.

            CareerBuilder described Drushim as “the leading online employment site in Israel,” but our man in Israel noted, “It’s new to me; I’ve never heard of it.” Since he follows the classified advertising field, that tells us something. One article noted that it leads other sites including AllJobs, Yad2 and Jobnet. (Several Israeli newspapers also offer recruitment services online.)

            “The partnerships with and will enable employers to quickly market their open positions outside their borders and allow job-seekers to pursue opportunities in Israel, South Africa and around the world,” the news release quoted Farhan Yasin, CareerBuilder’s president of Europe, Middle East and Africa services, as saying.

           Drushim was founded less than three years ago, has 12 employees and has about 20,000 unique visitors per day. It reports revenues of “millions of shekels per year.” (The shekel currently trades at just over 25 cents U.S.)

           * * *

           With the latest additions, CareerBuilder has its own branded sites in:

·         the United States (of course)

·         Canada

·         the U.K.

·         India

·         Spain

·         Germany

·         Switzerland

·         Norway

·         Italy

·         Romania

·         Belgium

During the past few years, it’s purchased sites in France, the Netherlands, Sweden (all now renamed as CareerBuilder) and Greece (

It also has affiliations in India, South Korea (, the Persian Gulf / Middle East (, and South America (