’s is the number one recruitment site according to a new report from ComScore. led the category with 9.1 million visitors, up 78 percent versus year ago.

Coming number two was Yahoo HotJobs with 5.6 million visitors (up 146 percent).

Significantly, an aggregator – – placed above with 5.1 million visitors (up 88 percent) for the number three spot. Fellow aggregation site SimplyHired had the strongest growth rate of all the top ten sites in the category, growing 161 percent to 3.1 million visitors (putting it at number five). Monster fell in the middle at fourth place with 3.7 million visitors (a 9 percent decline).

Job search is the fastest growing content site category; in 2008, visitors grew 51 percent to 18.8 million, ComScore said. Even the final months of the year, which are typically soft, were unusually strong.

ComScore also conducted a profile of visitors to the job search category, and found that the share of minutes spent by women in the job category grew substantially, up 7.2 percentage points versus year ago. ComScore EVP Jack Flanagan speculated that women are either being disproportionately affected by job losses, or perhaps handling much of the job search tasks for their husbands.

Other demographic data: people aged 25-49 spent more time on job sites (up 4.8 percentage points), households making at least $75,000 were up 3.1 percent, households without children rose 4.7 percent, and those in the South Atlantic census region of the U.S. were up 8.5 percentage points.

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