Seems like we’re reporting on a new job board every other headline today. InovaHire is the latest.

InovaHire is trying to differentiate itself from the throng by offering free classifieds to employers. The company generates revenue on a pay-per-view basis for display ads and links back to advertiser websites.

The advertisers fall into two categories: Services for candidates like resume writing, and those for employers such as office furniture (and drug testing apparently – wonder how high those keywords score?)

InovaHire is trying its best to include Web 2.0 features. For example, job seekers can see what other sites people who visited that employer also viewed (shades of Amazon). Employers get in on the fun too: They get to see who else other employers looked at). Seems like a bit of a privacy red herring to us.

There’s also an Interview Live function. An employer can schedule an interview on the spot using a microphone and Web cam. It’s free and doesn’t require any extra software. InovaHire uses tools from TokBok. Cool.

Thanks to our colleague John Zappe for turning us on to InovaHire.

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