Hate your boss? Let it out at a new Web site that aims to chronicle the most bizarre boss behaviors.

The site – www.anonymoustipgiver.com – is sponsored by CareerBuilder.com. It’s entirely anonymous and is designed to provide “constructive” criticism or fun advice for bosses or co-workers without revealing your identity.

Dilbert would be proud.

To spice things up, users can select from one of four outlandish characters and choose a unique voice to deliver a tip for the recipient. You can write up your own advice or select from a list of pre-made tips such as “One out of 10 people think your barking dog ring tone is funny, that one person is you.”

A fully animated tip is delivered right to the recipient’s e-mail box.

The campaign is designed to be viral but it reeks a bit like spam to us. But given that 43 percent of workers surveyed by CareerBuilder.com said they’ve quit a job because of a bad boss, maybe it’s a site who’s time has come.

CareerBuilder.com’s survey found women (48 percent) are more likely to quit because of a bad boss than men (39 percent). Age also plays a role in who stays and who goes. Approximately 48 percent of workers ages 35-44 left their jobs because of a bad boss, while 40 percent of younger workers, ages 18 to 24, and 41 percent of older workers, ages 45 to 54, said they quit.

And what have employees burned their bosses on so far? Some examples:

    * Hid in weird places in order to spy on employees
    * Took a bite of someone’s doughnut while they were away from their desk
    * Held a meeting while locked inside the bathroom
    * Brought a gun to work and cleaned it in an area behind employees
    * Tap-danced on employee’s desk
    * Showed everyone a kidney stone he had passed
    * Broke down and cried during a meeting, “Why don’t you like me?”
    * Kept his lunch in a freezer intended for human organ storage
    * Used a taser gun on a subordinate
    * Declared “Talk like a pirate day”
    * Rode a child’s scooter through the office

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