We read lots of blogs here at AIMGroup.com. So we can get pretty jaded. If the site doesn’t have news we’re interested in, we’re out of there faster than a foreclosure in Detroit.

But here’s an offbeat real estate blog that had us giggling. It’s the blog of International Listings, which makes the Real Estate Marketing Report Card Web product (see our write up here). The blog lists highly unusual homes, such as:

— 25 personal bio-domes – featuring dome homes, tents, personal mini-domes and fantastical structures that serve as beautiful homes, and that save up to seventy percent on heating and cooling.
— 10 homes built from trash – yes, homes created entirely from old tires, cans, earth, plastic water bottles, shipping containers and more.
— The 10 oldest neighborhoods in the world where you can also buy a house
— 10 tree houses you can either buy or build.
— 10 castles you can buy for under $250,000.
— 10 private islands for sale.

Every blog entry comes with pictures of all the homes. Take a break from all the real estate gloom and doom and have a chuckle.

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