In its latest earnings report, The McClatchy Company’s CEO Gary Pruitt shared some figures on classified advertising performance at the company’s newspapers. Print job revenues were down 57 percent in Q4, while online help wanteds were down 39 percent.

There was some good news. Revenue for online real estate ads was up 15.3 percent in Q4 over the previous year, with autos gaining by a similar amount. The Web in general was up – 25 percent higher unique visitors in Q4 and 33 percent for the full year.

Pruitt also echoed comments made by The New York Times editor Bill Keller (here’s our report) about whether the time was right to begin charging again for content online. “Our costs of delivery online is lower, so the distinction between ‘print is pay and online is free’ is wrong. We’ll experiment with paid content online. But most experiments show that you lose more online revenue than you gain per subscriber.”

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