Classified advertising Web site is trying to cash in on the tough economic times by handing out $50,000 to needy Americans. The company’s site has been inundated by pleas for help.

An example:

“My husband just got laid off from work last October from the automotive industry and we really need a help a little bit to pay our bills. I hope we can get a bailout. Thank you so much.”

The promotion is meant to drive users to the site’s “video pawn shop.” Users are encouraged to upload video ads to the site which has categories for jobs, cars, real estate, general merchandise and personals.

The site essentially will pay you up to $100 in advance, before you sell your stuff, as an interest free loan “whether you’re employed, on unemployment or have any other verifiable income you may qualify regardless of your credit.”

Video ads on are free for the first week and $2.99 per day afterwards. Videos can be up to one minute long.

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