What would you get if you crossed EBay with Monster.com? A recruitment Web site that lets employers run auctions to find the cheapest labor, maybe?

Jobaphiles thinks that job auctions are the way to go, at least for college students in the Boston area. Similar to outsourcing sites such as ODesk or ELance, Jobaphiles lets companies post a job and then potential employees bid on the positions offered.

The hook: potential employees compete with each other to offer the lowest price. The service sports terminology you’d expect to find on an auction site. For example, “Bidding ends in 15 days, 18 hours, 52 minutes, 13 seconds.”

There are other similarities to auctions like EBay. Both employees and employers are rated, and payment can be made via PayPal online. Employers can wait until bidding is over or select a worker on the spot (kind of a reverse “Buy it Now” feature).

Jobaphiles is an interesting concept, more a student hobby than a full time business, but it’s something that could grow beyond the 1,300 jobs currently listed on the site.

Now they just need to do something about that name…


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