Want to know more about a Realtor you’re considering hiring. Online real estate brokerage Redfin will dish out the dirt. The company says it plans to start posting consumer reviews of real estate agents on its Web site. Plus the firm has persuaded 35 agents – 18 of them in California – to participate.

The agents will not be able to edit or reject reviews but will be able to post replies.

It’s a risky move for agents, but the hope is that good ratings will lead to more referrals. If the agent gets a client through the site, Redfin takes 30 percent of the agent’s commission as a referral fee. It then rebates half of its share to the client.

The move is significant beyond just the ratings. It’s the first time Redfin has opened up its systems to agents beyond its in-house base, which is still relatively small – the company has agents in seven U.S. cities, and only 20 in all of California. By adding partner agents outside its own staff, Redfin aims to expand its reach to new markets across the U.S. “We can now plan to add at least five new markets in 2009,” the company said on its blog.

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