traffic for January 2009 was up 33.4 percent over January 2008, to 3.1 million. The good news coincides with the site’s 10th birthday.

“Seeing search activity increase by nearly one-third over last January is a very positive start for 2009,” said Jason Doyle, vice president and general manager.

Tough hit cities such as Detroit and Naples, Florida, showed some of the most significant increases in property searches compared to January 2008.

Here’s a more complete list:

— Detroit (51.96 percent)
— Naples, Fla. (44.67 percent)
— Greensboro, N.C. (41.56 percent)
— Tulsa, Okla. (40.99 percent)
— El Paso, Texas (38.42 percent)
— Oceanside, Calif. (36.96 percent)
— Fort Myers, Fla. (34.67 percent
— Columbia, S.C. (33.9 percent)
— Murrieta, Calif. (33.25 percent)
— Anaheim, Calif. (32.5 percent) which united last year with Harmon Homes, is owned by Dominion Enterprises.