New data from Indeed shows that there are more job openings in IT than those that have been lost in recent months. In the company’s January 2009 report, 395,629 jobs were posted vs. an estimated 300,000 jobs that have evaporated in the hi-tech space.

Good news? Sort of. IT listings are still down 43 percent from a year ago.

If you’re really looking for a new job, head to healthcare where 581,625 jobs are open. That’s only an 8 percent decline from last year. Education is down just 9 percent, but there are only 62,933 jobs available.

Jobs in banking and financial services, along with hospitality, are down 48 percent to 144,569, and media and newspaper job listings are down 47 percent with only 24,104 postings.

Other relevant numbers:

— Real estate is down more than any other sector clocking a 58 percent decline.
— Accounting comes in close, down 53 percent.
— Construction and transportation are both down 47 percent

An interactive chart, breaking data down by job title and location, can be found here.

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