Something new: combines the coolest new Web tech — semantic search — with what all the cool kids are doing these days — Twittering. It debuted at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, the Cannes of new media. Why there? That’s where Twitter made its debut 1.3 billion tweets ago.

The “smart” job-search engine, developed by U.K.-based aggregator WorkHound, extracts meaning from real-time Twitter content to create a global platform of jobs posted to Twitter. There are more jobs posted to Twitter than you might think. And through semantic queries, it’s likely to find job openings that even the big search engine’s can’t.

In this hiring climate, seekers are looking for whatever leads they can find and for any advantage over the competition.

“TwitterJobSearch is an early example of how social media search needs to evolve and signals how solid business models can be built,” said Howard Lee, CEO of WorkHound. “The pronounced shift into social media and cloud computing is already changing the Internet landscape and evolving consumers’ expectations. Search and social-network providers are in real danger of losing their relevance and traction unless they can get this right.”

According to WorkHound, TwitterJobSearch looks at the content of every tweet in context to determine its intent and break out filterable data. Getting beyond the 140-character limit, the technology also looks at biography information and crawls destination URLs to find additional information. It then determines whether the post was a feed, re-tweet or original message, what language was used, whether the tweeter has previously posted job vacancies and how words used categorize the content. Additional context is added wherever possible to ensure the tweet appears in search results if it is missing vital data such as location.

The comany cited the example: “sales director London job” on brought back four results, while the same search on provided 6,202 leads. Similarly, search on Twitter for “marketing manager” in New York revealed 19 leads, while TwitterJobSearch found 4,122.

TwitterJobSearch requires no registration and is free to use.