We reported yesterday about TwitterJobSearch, a new Twitter tool that searches tweets for job postings by keyword, then aggregates them on its Web sites.

How about for the other side – the recruiter? Check out a new Twitter tool called TweetCruit that pushes job postings into the Twitter stream and includes pre-screening, applicant management, workflow, and analytics capabilities, making it somewhat of a hybrid between a more full featured HR system and a social media plug in.

We gave TweetCruit a test drive. You sign up by actually creating your first job tweet. TweetCruit pushes it out through its own Twitter account with a link back for applicants to the TweetCruit site. You can create your own pre-screening questions (in our test, we asked if the applicant would be willing to work for free!)

TweetCruit provides a Web-based dashboard for managing applicants and adding new tweets.

Analytics that the service tracks include the number of retweets, the number of people that the tweet reached in the extended network, the number of click throughs on a job link, and the conversion rate for people that actually applied.

The basic version is free. A paid version with more robust pre-screening capabilities and automated posting to job search engines outside of Twitter goes for $30/month. There’s also a pay-per-post option.

The company is backed by social media job developer JobMagnet and headed up by Divesh Sisodraker.

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