How do recruitment professionals in the U.K. differ from those in Germany? The Germans are more than twice as likely to check the social networking pages of their candidates than interviewers in the U.K.

A study conducted by DDI, revealed that 12 per cent of interviewers in the U.K. say they would look on a jobseeker’s Facebook or MySpace profile, while it’s nearly 25 percent in Germany.

The survey also showed that candidates rarely give a lot of thought to what they write on their social networking sites. Less than a third think this will affect their chances of securing a position.

Tell that to Kimberley Swann who wrote that her job was “boring” on her Facebook page. She was summarily fied.

Steve Newhall, vice president for Europe at DDI, said: “It appears that jobseekers are quite naïve about how personal information on social networking sites is used.”

A spokesperson for ClickAJob said that employers who don’t check out their employees’ or recruitment candidates’ Facebook pages are losing out. “By banning or restricting access to social networking at work, they have stomped on their own progress,” the spokesperson said, adding that “Facebook and Twitter are not toys, they are business tools as significant as phones or fax machines were when they were introduced.”