Cobalt-owned Dealix has launched enhancements intended to make lead-tranfer time “nearly instantaneous, while identifying, processing, and delivering higher quality leads for the company’s dealer customers,” the company said.

The company said nearly 90 percent of new-car leads are now reaching Dealix customers in a matter of seconds. “This enables dealers to respond to customers’ requests for information without delay, providing a better overall consumer experience and leading to faster sales.”

The upgrade also reduces the delivery of duplicate leads, and insures that before the leads are sent, consumers’ names, addresses and phone numbers are contained within the lead.

“Successful auto dealers know that in today’s economy, the ability to identify and quickly respond to each in-market buyer right away, whether they’re in the market for a new car or shopping for used cars online, will lead to more sales and a better consumer experience,” said Anna Zornosa, GM of Dealix. “Dealix has made the investment so that our customers don’t have to make a trade-off between speed of delivery and lead quality.”


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