The Spanish automotive publisher AutoDescuento S.L. has started a new classified-ads portal for cars, called

The company bought the easy-to-remember domain name for an estimated €900,000 ($1.2 million U.S.) from Chris Chena, a Paraguyan “domainer” well-known in Spanish-speaking markets. In 2006, Chena sold the domain (“Games”) for a reputed $10 million, more than 10 times the price he paid to buy it from a Dutch video-game company years before.

AutoDescuento S.L. operates, which bills itself as a broker between car dealers and sellers, rather than an ad-publishing operation. The buyer may choose from the cars listed on AutoDescuentos, or indicate per mail and phone his preferences. The company then tries to find the best price offer for the client’s preferences.

Autodescuento works together with a large network of dealerships and profits from the large car sales volume it offers. Recently, the company received an angel investment from Marek Fodor, owner of Atrapalo, one of largest travel portals in Spain.

The company owns also other domains related to the car business, one for car financing named Financiatucoche and a web catalogue ( where users can look up authorized car dealers. Though car sales are dropping heavily in Spain (about 42 percent in January), Internet business seems to be going well, since many companies have been reducing advertisement costs and have been migrating to the Internet.

With, CEO Iñaki Arrola wants to compete with the established market leaders and Autoscout24. The website is still in a Beta-version and offers classified ads of new, semi-new and used cars, which can be selected by different filters according to preferences. The placement of ads is for free for individuals.


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