Publishers on Gabriels’ automotive-ad platform now have instant access to’s data on repair pricing, maintenance information and other car-owner content.

“This is a great opportunity for RepairPal to deliver its unique repair and maintenance solutions to a broad base of automobile consumers.” said David Sturtz, CEO and co-founder of RepairPal. “We are constantly working to improve the experience for consumers and Gabriels gives us a platform for helping more people save money and reduce anxiety when they maintain their vehicles.”

“The combination of Gabriels and RepairPal delivers even more engaging, high-quality content and valuable information for consumers. Not only is it a superior online experience for the automobile owner, but for our partners, RepairPal increases overall site engagement and satisfaction” said Michael Gabriel, CEO and founder of Gabriels Technology.

RepairPal has mentions in Consumer Reports, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, The New York Times, CNET, The Washington Post and major TV broadcast networks

Gabriels provides automotive, real estate, recruitment and marketplace technology to more than 300 media properties.



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