, Alma Media’s online service for the residential renting market, now contains more than 3,500 free rentable appartments. According to the company this is more than any other service in Finland. The Web site has more than 70,000 weekly visitors. was launched in 2008 and includes rental appartment from more than 530 agencies and a dozen municipalities. Private landlords also use the Web site as a marketing channel for their rental offerings. The interest of different service providers has increased continuously.


Alma Media claims that there has been a strong need in Finland for a new kind of service that focuses only on rental apartments. The old fashioned and fragmented nature of rental advertising has made the marketing of rentable appartments difficult. Traditionally most of the renting business was handled through the grapevine.


“Our aim is to be as comprehensive and extensive service in home rental market as the online service is in the market for owned houses. Our reliable ‘big brother’ has given us a good model to create a successful marketplace,” says Paula Jokisalo, Marketing manager of

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