Have you seen Google Wave?

05 Jun 2009

Recently, when watching the Google Wave developer preview at Google I/O 2009, I found myself inspired enough to realize why it is I love launching new online products. Seeing what is possible, and new ways to radically improve the user experience online is fascinating stuff - but seeing google do it in a way this intuitive is just powerful. Think a combination of email / chat / social media / I

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Shannon Kinney

Shannon Kinney is a senior consultant, project director and social media leader at the AIM Group. She has more than 20 years of experience in key roles at major media companies, including several of the leading dot-coms in the classified advertising industry such as Cars.com, Knight Ridder New Media and Classified Ventures. In addition to leading our social media practice, she’s one of the AIM Group’s leading experts on real estate and automotive advertising, and sales training.