The NAR’s print organ, Realtor Magazine, is cutting the number of issues it publishes per year to six, starting in 2010.

NAR says the magazine has a readership of 1.26 million. The move, adds NAR’s SVP of communications and conventions, Frank Sibley, is “an economic decision resulting from the current economic situation”.

NAR had already decided in April to cut down the magazine’s pub schedule to 10 issues.

Stacey Moncrieff, editor in chief of the magazine said in a blog post at the time, “Even as we cut back on print, we’re moving down a number of avenues to expand our reach online. We’re in the process of choosing a digital edition vendor; that’ll enable us to deliver a PDF version of the magazine to you via e-mail. We’re also working on a mobile version of select content — first for the iPhone and then for the Blackberry and Treo.”

Realtor Magazine online already offers RSS feeds of daily news and blogs, plus is working on software to accept comments. Webinars are being added as well – the first two attracted “more than 10,000 registrants,” Moncrieff wrote.

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