It’s still just a rumor, but the Cheezhead blog is reporting that up to 200 people are being laid off from in what some on Facebook are calling “Bloody Monday.”

Monster doesn’t seem to be denying the speculation. Kathy O’Reilly, senior manager of media relations, told Cheezhead, “Over the past several days, we’ve announced internally two important moves that position Monster to meet the changing needs of our customers: the opening of a Technology Center of Excellence and Innovation in Cambridge, Mass., and a restructuring of our product and technology organization to support our strategic direction.

“As we have been doing for the past 24 months, we continue to restructure, reorganize and, importantly, reinvest in our organization in ways that we believe are necessary to meet our ever-growing and changing customer needs. This means that roles and skill areas that are no longer needed to support the business are restructured so that we can bring in the skills necessary to continue to invest in industry-leading product innovation and in building the infrastructure and organization to successfully grow our business for the future.”

Memo to Kathy: Cut the verbiage and just tell it like it is – you’re in the jobs business, after all!

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