This fall’s third annual North American Onrec recruitment conference in Chicago will be co-hosted by Kennedy Information, a research firm serving the recruitment industry. 

The two companies say the two-day event — rebranded as the Recruiting 2009 Conference and Expo — is expected to draw at leasat 500 recruiting, talent-management and HR professionals. 

“The conjoining of Onrec and Kennedy will be of great benefit to recruiters nationwide — especially as organizations begin to ramp up the rebuilding of their recruiting function for long-term growth,” said Anna Brekka, a senior director at Kennedy. “Both companies will bring to the event our distinctive areas of expertise, making it the richest, most high-value, recruiting conference experience possible.”

RD Whitney, CEO of Onrec North America, echoed similar sentiments: “So obviously complimentary to one another, the unison of Kennedy and Onrec seems only natural. We will bring our strong recruiting technological acumen and analytical savvy; and Kennedy Information will deliver the tactical recruiting expertise and industry insight that has been trusted by industry practitioners for over 35 years.”

Both Onrec and Kennedy Information host well-regarded conferences and seminars for recruitment professionals. Onrec hosts similar conferences in the U.K. and Asia. 

The Chicago conference is Nov. 3-4. The two companies are billing it as an “all-new” event. Registration information is available on 


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