Redfin is in the black. At a Redfin-sponsored event in Seattle dubbed “The Naked Truth,” CEO Glenn Kelman said his company just turned profitable. TechCrunch gives some extra details from Kelman: run rate is around $15 million. 2007 revenues were $5 million, 2006 revenues were $1 million.

In a press release prior to the event, Redfin said that year over year growth in unique visitors was more than 300 percent, but that revenues have grown more slowly – only 41 percent year over year, in large part due to a “dismal 2008.”

Redfin also said that its debut of online agent reviews in February 2009 increased new clients by 36 percent.

Redfin joined the Hitwise top 20 real estate website in May this year at number 20.

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