By Alessandra Ritondo

Italian recruitment leader and TimeStars, the first magazine to be devoted exclusively to human evolution, are launching Green-Job, the first and only thematic network in Italy dedicated to job offers in the green economy.



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Green-Job is the result of the collaboration between the two companies and other major national partners, including environmental groups Legambiente and KyotoClub / QualEnergia.

After creating the channels “First Job” and “Temporary Work” — designed to facilitate job searches for candidates with little professional experience or interested in short-term employment — is promoting now this new environmentally sustainable initiative.

Green-Job is a privileged point of access for companies and candidates that are particularly sensitive to environment sustainability and related issues. It’s a dedicated search engine that allows the user to go through a vast database of “green” job offers. In addition, each week the site will publish news, tips and interesting facts about respecting the environment.

Green-Job will support job offers from companies whose services or products are intended for the production of renewable energy and the development of energy efficiency technologies or, in general, for improving the quality of life and the environment. This is an area in constant growth that will see an exponential increase in the number of people employed in the next decade, the companies say.

According to a recent study from Cgil-Legambiente (Cgil is one of the most important unions and Legambiente is the largest environmentalist association in Italy) the sector of renewable energy only — including wind, photovoltaic and solar — will score an increase of the people employed of 141,000 by 2020. To this figure we must be add 350,000 other jobs that would be created if new resources for innovation and “green” technology were freed.

The site is a proof itself of this growing interest in “green” jobs: In the last two months only, listings have grown considerably. Currently the most requested profiles are environmental and territory engineers, energy saving consultants, trade agents in renewable energies, photovoltaic industry buyers and bidders, who operate in the electricity stock market.

The Italian regions that are currently the most active in researching these new professionals are: Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Tuscany, Piedmont and Lazio. Also some southern regions such as Campania, Puglia and Sicily are showing a good interest in green professions.

“The growing demand for new profiles (more than 20 percent since May), and the increased awareness that companies are showing toward environmental issues urged us to create this new thematic channel. We want to give greater visibility to an area believes is of great interest, not only because it represents an opportunity for business, but mainly because we wish to contribute to the development of an environmentally sustainable culture, made up not only of ideals, but also of concrete action.

“To further prove our commitment, we created Greenway, a Decalogue for an environmentally sustainable way of working that we share in our company with all our employees and that, from today on, will be a driver in our organization,” said Anna Maria Mazzini, marketing manager.

“An economy with less carbon dioxide emissions, that frees our country from its dependence from fossil fuels, while creating new jobs and new opportunities in research and innovation, is a challenge we can win,” said Rossella Muroni, managing director of Legambiente. “An important challenge we pledge to face in the wake of the two major crises we are living — the economic downturn and the climate change — taking immediate action with innovative and concrete tools. Developing the green economy, boosting all the business and professional areas related to it starting from the energy sector, is a solution we strongly believe in.
“That is why we were happy to be a part of the initiative lauched by and TimeStars to promote eco-sustainable work and to let demand and offer meet more easily.”

“For the first time, and among the first in Europe, Italy has an innovative and functional tool designed and created for best coping with the challenges of the new industrial revolution,” said Daniele Caselgrandi, publisher and CEO of TimeStars. “The creation of a ‘smart grid,’ an intelligent network capable of stimulating the matching between companies and individuals, is the first crucial step to become a major player in the green economy.

“A real driving force for the economy particularly in a difficult time like this. An intelligent network can also provide useful tools for the young or those who are simply looking for new career opportunities, guidance and training for innovative jobs.”

“Many international studies have shown that investments in energy efficiency and renewable sources involve a much higher employment windfall than investments in conventional energy sectors,” said Gianni Silvestrini scientific director of the Kyoto Club and QualEnergia. “Policies adopted in this direction, of which Green-Job is an example, will lead to a growth in net employment and the new mandatory European targets of ‘triple 20 percent’ on renewables, energy saving and emission reduction by 2020 will only accelerate this process throughout the continent, including Italy.”

Leonardo Berlen, Head of Communications and of the Kyoto Club portal, added,
“Today in Europe there are 3.4 million jobs that are directly related to the areas of renewables, sustainable mobility and goods and services for energy efficiency. Another 5 million people are in some way involved in this fledgling energy revolution. In order to make green jobs grow, we need, among other things, communication platforms that bring together demand and supply of work, expertise, professionalism, and that is why Green-Job can become a multiplier of opportunity for those who want to undertake work and training paths in the green economy, satisfying a need that in our country is enormous.”


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