Web sites relaunch periodically, usually with little more than a few tweaks to the interface, but Workthing.com’s Workthing+ has guaranteed itself a splash by means of… a work-finder guarantee.

Created by regional paper giant Trinity Mirror, Workthing claims more than 3.7 million registered candidates, which is one of the reasons why the industry is taking it seriously when Workthing promises that they will refund users’ subscription fees if they have not successfully found the job they wanted after six months.

Gareth Lloyd, Trinity Mirror’s director of product and digital development explains the move saying, “Tough job markets mean candidates have to do even more to stand out from the crowd. We aren’t selling snake oil or magic wands, just tools to help serious job-seekers. These tools have a track record of success — they have been used by over 100,000 senior executives on corporate outplacement packages.”


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