U.S. online job demand increased 5 percent in August, The Conference Board reported, rising 169,000 listings to 3,464,800. Most states saw a bump in advertised job vacancies with New York, California, Texas and Florida showing strong gains.

In three states – New York, Maryland and Virginia – job demand trends have turned positive.

Healthcare and technical occupations showed notable gains in the August report.

“The August increase is good news showing what we hope will be a continued improvement in job demand this fall,” said Gad Levanon, senior economist at The Conference Board.

August job demand data are in-line with the board’s recently released Consumer Confidence Index which also rose in August, largely reflecting consumers’ feelings that jobs were becoming easier to find. “While all of this is good news, the gap between the number of unemployed and the number of advertised vacancies still remains at about 11 million, with over four unemployed for every online advertised job vacancy,” said Levanon.

Job demand in nearly all professions remains lower than last year’s levels. More data here

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