HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Who’s responsible for tracking results on recruitment Web sites? Should that be the job boards themselves? The ad agency that posted the listing? The recruiter or recruiting company? Or the applicant tracking system that handles the resume?

          That was one of the questions tackled during a panel of advertising agency executives at the International Association of Employment Web Sites today. “The metrics” — number of views of a given job listing; number of applicants; number of hires; quality of the applicants and hires, and similar measurements of performances — are key to the use of any given advertising medium, the agency execs told the recruitment site operators. But who should track them? And who should provide them to the clients?

         This, by the way, is not just a question about recruitment. Similar issues and similar concerns apply to automotive and real estate advertising as well.

         The upshot? Everyone’s responsible. Or everyone should be. The job board has to be able to provide the info, and many aren’t compiling or tracking the detailed metrics the agency or hiring company needs. The agency needs to deliver the information to the client, although sometimes the job board can do so directly or recruiters can check the site’s “dashboard” themselves. The hiring company should be tracking its own metrics, both on applicants and on hires. And the applicant tracking system, if the company has one, should be built to support it all. Too many ATSs apparently don’t track information appropriately, the panel and the audience seemed to agree — but then, there seemed to be agreement, as well, that job boards don’t track metrics sufficiently; agencies don’t, and companies and recruiters don’t, either.

         There’s still a lot of work to be done out there, folks. It starts with you. If you can’t provide appropriate metrics, fix what you’re doing. If you can, here comes the next obvious question: If you have the information your advertisers (or technology users, etc.) need, are you providing it? Or are you just keeping it in your back pocket?