Online recruitment company Kaonix has released a report it claims to be “one of the most accurate snapshots of the U.K. jobs market” thanks to its analysis of statistics compiled from hundreds of customers…

Its principal findings are that the downturn has led to a 33 percent drop in the overall number of jobs advertised over the year, with each job being listed, on average, on seven different channels when you take into account dedicated job boards, company sites, and social media. At the same time, the applications per job have doubled to 35.

Kaonix observes that the number of jobs being re-advertised is falling, suggesting jobs are being filled faster — probably as a result of the greater number of applicants. In answer to the old accusation that online applications are less committed than traditional direct applications to a company, Kaonix notes that the average completion rate for online application forms continues its year-on-year rise. That said, at 83 percent it has yet to reach the 92 percent rate of forms submitted directly to employers.

Mark Keane, Product Manager at Kaonix, found some reason for cheer in the analysis. “Whilst the figures make for sobering reading, there is clear evidence of an upturn in recent months. From a low point at the end of the second quarter the number of new jobs being advertised has risen by over 16 percent. … The number of new jobs is set to increase even more dramatically as seasonal recruitment for Christmas begins to kick in over the coming weeks.”